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A Sampling of Our Scandinavian Food Delights

With Michael’s love of seafood and Nancy’s Scandinavian heritage we were quite successful in finding something we could eat—and truly enjoy!—during our visit to Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. Did we already mention the Dutch pancakes? Savory or sweet, they stand … Continue reading

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Wines of Mendoza, malbecs and more

It’s two weeks before harvest starts in Mendoza. Wine makers are a bit nervous about this year’s vintage because the area has had twice the normal amount of rain this season. Many of the vineyards have netting over the vines because … Continue reading

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Our Argentinean Food Experience

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner in Argentina. Much more, of course. We went to a top-rated restaurant early in our stay in Buenos Aires. It’s called The Argentine Experience and sounds like a touristy activity, but it was actually very … Continue reading

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Edible Hong Kong (January 2015)

Our first meal in Hong Kong was dim sum, or more accurately, yum cha, morning tea.   Yum cha has the same food but slightly less expensive for breakfast and the diners are all sitting at their round tables reading the … Continue reading

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Edible Hawaii (January 2015)

Coming from northern states with a three-month growing season, we are impressed with the bountiful year-round harvest in Hawaii. (Actually as we write this it is 80F in Hawaii and -26F in Wisconsin, more than a 100-degree difference!) First stop, in … Continue reading

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The World’s Best Donut – Bozeman Montana

I cringe to write “donut” rather than doughnut, but I’ll make allowance for the world’s best. They’re from Granny’s Gourmet Donuts in Bozeman Montana, just off the campus of Montana State University. The doughnuts are squarish-round without holes, lighter than … Continue reading

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