We’re Nancy and Michael, world travelers the second time around. We had the good fortune of living in Hong Kong and Switzerland and traveling extensively when our kids were young. Now we’re going back to some of our favorite spots and a few new ones. This time our only jobs are to enjoy the scenery.

We don’t have any lofty goals of self-actualization or discovering the meaning of life. We do, however, expect to find traveling a bit different at this stage of our lives (think AARP eligible) than it was as younger parents.

Our background: Nancy was an engineer once upon a time. Now she’s a writer. Michael was in finance. Now he’s a photographer. For the trip Michael is in charge of logistics and photos while Nancy writes in her office in the passenger seat.

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Sept 2014 New England Leg

New England Trip Map

Oct – Dec 2014 Western US leg

US Trip_edited-1

Jan – June 2015 International Leg

World Trip_edited-1

We just booked the overseas tickets. Our routing gave us a plane change in Abu Dhabi. So…we’ve added Abu Dhabi and Dubai to the itinerary. Sounds interesting.

France is a hop and a skip from Italy, so we’ve added Cinque Terra. Monaco is less than a hop; that’s in too. And maybe we’ll stop back in Switzerland on the way to our international endpoint in Paris.

Post Script (a big one): Our first travels worked so well that we did it again. Fall 2015 to spring 2016 took us back across the country for several months in the Lake Tahoe area and then on to South and Central America. Join us…

Post Post Script: We’ve done five or six of the cross-country road trips, with visits to many national parks and other interesting spots.  Sadly, we’ve sold our home on Keuka Lake but happily, we’ve moved permanently to Truckee, California.  We continue to enjoy traveling. We’ve gone on international trips to Ireland and Iceland, Central Europe along the Danube, and Scandinavia. More to come!

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  1. Mare says:

    You 2 are amazing! Love the travel pic : ). Mare


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