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How was traveling in Scandinavia a year and a half into the coronavirus pandemic?

Now that we are past any country-to-country travel restrictions and safe on the ground in the US, we can claim success in navigating requirements and avoiding catching COVID (testing confirmed!) Our most important learning was that EVERY government makes assessments … Continue reading

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Stockholm, the Venice of the North

Stockholm was established as a city in the 1200s, but it had Stone Age settlements nearly 2000 years before that. Like Venice, Stockholm is a charming place of canals and islands. The Swedish Atoll has 30,000 islands, according to Swedish … Continue reading

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Construction in Stockholm

So many of the beautiful churches and government buildings in Stockholm are partially hidden from view by scaffolding. We were a bit disappointed and didn’t bother taking pics of construction sites. As we were leaving Sweden we realized construction here … Continue reading

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From Göteborg to Uppsala, with stops along the way

Where else but Scandinavia will you find a traditional windmill… and a few miles down the road a modern wind farm? We rented a car and drove north along the Øresund and then the Kattegat sea from Malmø toward Göteborg. … Continue reading

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Hej Hej, Malmö

We crossed the Øresund Bridge by train from Copenhagen to Malmo, not much different from crossing the Golden Gate. No immigration control, no COVID checks, no passport stamp. Is this a different country? Yes, we are in Sweden! Hej! (pronounced … Continue reading

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Our Swan Song to Copenhagen

We wondered which came first in Denmark, Hans Christian Andersen’s stories about swans or the Danes’ love for swans. Probably a lot of synergy involved. We know Andersen appreciated swans from the loving way that he wrote about them. The … Continue reading

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Copenhagen, One of the World’s Most Bike-Friendly Cities

At first Copenhagen seemed like a traffic nightmare, with cars and bicycles whizzing past in every direction. But very quickly we realized that everything was extremely well organized with lanes and lights and rules for cars, bikes and pedestrians AND … Continue reading

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Church of the Day – Grundtvig’s Church, Copenhagen

Grundtvig’s Church was built in memory of the priest, hymn writer, and educator Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig (1783 – 1872). His significance for Denmark was so great that it was decided to build a memorial in his honor. Two competitions for … Continue reading

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More Amsterdam Images

Bringing you along to enjoy several more sights in the city… A few folks famous for their Amsterdam connections: A Rembrandt self-portrait in the Rijksmuseum We couldn’t get tickets to the Van Gogh Museum but we saw this Van Gogh … Continue reading

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Lovely visit to Amsterdam!

A year and a half after we originally planned to visit Scandinavia, we have arrived. Well, almost. Our planned trip last April was via a repositioning cruise to the Atlantic coast of Europe, then Netherlands, then Sweden and Norway on … Continue reading

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