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Amazing Artwork of Habo Kyrka, Jönköping, Sweden

The stunning interior of Habo Kyrka was painted by two of Jönköping’s master painters, Johan Kinnerus and Johan Christian Peterson, along with their apprentices, Joachim Conrad Schwartz and Peter Edberg. For their work they were paid 1000 riksdaler. This sum … Continue reading

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Lima, the city not the bean

The Old Town of Lima, Peru is filled with buildings from its development as a colonial capital beginning in the 16th century after the Spanish explorer Pizarro overtook the region from the Incas. We watched the changing of the guard in … Continue reading

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MAMAC, a very NICE modern art museum

New York has MoMA and Nice has MAMAC, Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain. Although it’s just plain azure at the moment, the facade often features brilliant light installations turning the entire entrance into a work of art. The French artist … Continue reading

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Van Gogh’s Asylum, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence

He was the thief of sunflowers, gathering them via rapid brushstrokes. Vincent van Gogh was one of the most prolific and influential of the Post-Impressionist painters, producing over 2,000 paintings and drawings in just over 10 years in the late … Continue reading

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Y To Z in Washington (and Toppenish too) October 20 (Day 49)

Yakima was a familiar name, since Michael’s brother has a big Yakima ski rack on the roof of his car. (The original Yakimas did come from Yakima.) Zillah was a new name for us and Toppenish was an unexpected treat. We didn’t … Continue reading

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