More Amsterdam Images

Bringing you along to enjoy several more sights in the city…

A few folks famous for their Amsterdam connections:

Even without the caption, the beret should tell you this is Rembrandt van Rijn!
Anne Frank, out in the fresh air and sunshine at last.
Wilhelmina, queen of the Netherlands for 57+ years, a rare FEMALE equestrian statue (side saddle no less)
The Royal Palace on Dam Square
How it looked in 1672, painted by Gerrit Adriaenszoon Berckheyde (painting in the Rijksmuseum)

A Rembrandt self-portrait in the Rijksmuseum

As the apostle Paul
Not famous but recognizable to any parent: “Screaming Child, Stung by a Bee” by Hendrik de Keyser

We couldn’t get tickets to the Van Gogh Museum but we saw this Van Gogh in the Rijksmuseum.

The man with one ear painted this “Portrait of a Man with One Eye” while staying in the asylum in St. Remy.

Another spot we didn’t visit but appreciated from outside: the Stedelijk Museum, with modern and contemporary art in an appropriately modern and contemporary architectural structure.

AKA the Bathtub Museum

Lots of Delft china in the Rijksmuseum.

What is it? A Delft flower tower.
The tower is in bloom. What fun!

What about Dutch wooden shoes? We didn’t see any in use…as shoes.

Although these shoes held tulip bulbs
And these in Delft blue decorated a Christmas tree.

And Dutch tulips? It’s not blooming season but it sure is planting season. Tulips, hyacinths, amaryllis, cyclamen, allium…

Bulbs are everywhere in Amsterdam’s flower market. Get your hyacinths here.
A bit of plastic inspiration as a hint of what spring will bring.
Next to our hotel was a free performance by an inspiring street orchestra, the Ulysses Ensemble, (not a band, a full orchestra, complete with a very enthusiastic French horn player).
Some of Amsterdam’s more unusual nightlife. Roving (drunk?) iguanas. Why? Why not?

Finally some tulips in a window display…

The bottle contains El Trumpo juice: bleach. Amsterdammers poking a bit of fun at US politics.

Saying “Doei!” (Bye!) from Amsterdam. Next is Copenhagen.

The sign says “Dike alert. Neighborhood Watch.” Be ready to put your finger in the dike to prevent flooding.

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  1. Linda Silverstein says:

    Wait, are those real iguanas??

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