Celebs have arrived in Saint-Tropez!

We heard that two famous people were coming to Saint-Tropez for just one day so we  returned to our first home in France to be their official paparazzi team.

2015-04-23 002

From our spot across the water in Sainte-Maxime, we watched the jumbo yacht sail in.


We raced around the Gulf of Saint-Tropez to await their arrival at the port

2015-04-23 016

It’s her! Kathy is here!

2015-04-23 017

And Lynnie too!

2015-04-23 019

They brought their bodyguards.


We wait for their arrival at the next photo spot.

2015-04-23 029

The photographer scouts out the best lighting for les photos.


It’s Kathy and Lynn! They have arrived again. This time a smaller yacht has brought them to the restaurant.


Not any restaurant, but the tres chic, Le Club 55.

2015-04-23 021

Le Panier de Crudites, DIY salad


More wine for the ladies, please!

2015-04-23 026

Le dessert, three-berry tart: Strawberries, raspberries, and strawberries of the forest (wild)


The celebs step to the beach for a post-lunch photo shoot with the crew.

Then it’s on to “le shopping.”

2015-04-23 031

Le shopping! Kathy sports her new tres chic chapeau.

2015-04-23 035

Lynn has chosen a slightly different style, also tres chic.

2015-04-23 037

Mon marie (my husband) Michael Bach (if he had changed his name when we married).

2015-04-23 045

After watching boules, it’s one more stop at Le Sporting.

2015-04-23 067

All too soon the day is over. Kathy and Lynn are back on board the yacht for an evening of dancing.

Au revoir! All of Saint-Tropez misses you!

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1 Response to Celebs have arrived in Saint-Tropez!

  1. Marcia OConnell says:

    Having just watched this on the big screen I am ordering my pics of the shots here. Please send the picture of Michael on the beach, the three of you at the club, you and Michael waiting for your visitors and the four of you in the selfie. Precious! If you send them in an email I can get copies made. Thanks I


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